Bushnell’s Warehouse

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Portland, OR

The building that is now Bushnell’s warehouse has expanded many times over the past 70 years. A new wing was added in the late 1940s, another wing in 1960 and again in 1972.

In 2011, Ferrari was called in to install a new concrete vault. After a complete underground locate, we began to dig our hole when we ran across three eight-inch pipes.  The eight inch pipes were tied into the fire system where the vault was being installed.

Ferrari had to quickly come up with a plan to re-route the pipes and keep Bushnell’s warehouses with fire protection. After developing a thorough redirection plan,  Ferrari was able to install the new vault with an eight-inch double check valve. When the vault installation was complete, we tied the new system in with the older system and, together, they work flawlessly.


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